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About Silverson Security Agency

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Silverson Security Agency was founded in 2006 by Bryan Silverson. We're licensed, bonded, and insured. Silverson Security Agency is based out of Emporia, KS. We currently have 15 private security officers on staff.

We provide armed and unarmed security officers. Some of our services include car, ATV, and foot patrol.

We provide security for special events, businesses, and properties. We also offer 24/7 services.

We're licensed by the local police department, and all of our guards are background checked by the local police department and KBI. We have armed and unarmed guards, as well as 17 years of experience for your protection and safety.

We're a proactive company, as we train our guards on how to detect potential problems before they happen. We can provide site and threat assessments for your added safety. 

Our guards have excellent people skills and will respond to your problem in a prompt manner. 

We pride ourselves on providing our communities with trained, professional, and reliable security guards for the protection of your property, self, or business. When you need control, rest assured knowing that we're here for you.
Our Security Officers

Read About Bryan Silverson – Owner and Chief of Operations

Bryan Silverson, age 39, founded Silverson Security Agency in 2006. He started out as a bouncer at the age of 20, working at a variety of “rough” bars and clubs. During that time, he developed a reputation of professionalism and the ability to control situations effectively.

After being asked to provide security for other events, Mr. Silverson decided to seek out more training. He has completed a course in Event Security Planning for Public Safety Professionals provided by the FEMA, Advanced Tactical Handgun Training provided by the Specialist Research and Training Group, Basic Defensive Handgun Firearms Training course provided by the Double Tap Defensive Shooting Club and instructors W. Lee Tebbutt and W. Wayne Tebbutt, and 18 hours of Supervisory and Leadership Training conducted at Emporia State University.

After obtaining the proper documents and staff, Silverson Security was started. Using his experience acquired over the years, Mr. Silverson trains his PSOs and provides them with the proper skills needed for the job.

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